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The Chairperson


Sapan Kay Cee held the post of President of Youth Services for Peace since 2014. With the work experience of more than a decade; she has held key strategic leadership positions at the national and international level for various organizations. She has a long and wide ranging experience in the social sector. She has been working for a non government organization for many years. She initiated many programmes for the benefits of poor ones. She has served as a member of Human Right's Advisory Council.

Her vision is to see the people living in a peaceful environment. Her concept of attaining a peace in life is that “One looks outward and towards others to seek happiness, but peace can only be achieved when you look inwards. It can’t be achieved without understanding our self.” She believes that the entire world is our family. She has a generous heart towards the needy ones in our society; she keeps herself engaged with various cultural programs.

Youth Services for Peace, born with the idea of providing the deprive people their rights with which they are entitled. She feels that the root cause to solve this problem by passing from spreading the message of unity with an innovative approach; that can only be possible by involving youth in the change. Today’s youth have that power to drive the change, who can lead the world towards peace and welfare. Youth Service for Peace, born out of a passion to help people in calming their fundamental freedoms and rights. India has been a messenger of peace and proposes the idea of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbksam” (The entire world is our family). She believes that the best way to spread consciousness about anything immoral is to educate them about their rights. That is what we are doing. She leads the organization from the forefront and engages in grassroots, national and international level in order to nurture and grow social endeavour.

During her school days when she was doing studies, she realised to work for discriminated people and through her travelling, she saw how deprive people are discriminated and realised that issues of human rights violations reached far beyond the borders of her own country and certain that education are more likely to find the long-term solution for improving the present condition. Her visionary dream is to create an era, where all people enjoy the fruits of peace and happiness and celebrate their limitless dignity and potential.